Missouri State University

Welcome to CAMS.

Welcome to CAMS

Welcome to the Missouri State University Computer Account Management System, CAMS. This system allows current students, employees, and guests of the university to request computer accounts, request new computer resources, or manage existing computer accounts and resources. To get started, choose one of the options below or select from the menu to the left.

Get An Account

If you are a new or returning Missouri State University student or employee and you need an SGF or WP Domain account, select "Get An Account".

Get Resources

If you would like to request optional resources such as a personal website or file storage, select "Get Resources".

Change Your Password

If you need to change the password of any of your Missouri State University accounts, select "Change Your Password".

Check Mailbox Size

If you are an employee and you would like to see the size of your mailbox and how much space is left before you reach your quota, select "Check Mailbox Size".

Manage Account Recovery Options

If you would like to update your security questions or change your recovery e-mail address, select "Manage Account Recovery Options".

External Applications

Group Management

Manage membership of authorization groups you have access to manage

Residence Hall Network Status

Check the status of your residence hall Internet access